First Round Agency, as a staffing agency in Montreal, plays a crucial role in the dynamism of the job market in this rich and diverse city. By connecting renowned companies with qualified candidates, the agency reflects the diversity of Montreal’s professional opportunities, ranging from tourism to technology. With a population of over 1.7 million and a cultural scene enlivened by famous festivals, Montreal positions itself as an essential economic and cultural center in Canada.

In 2019, Montreal welcomed more than 11 million tourists, underscoring the vital role of tourism in its economy and the creation of numerous opportunities in hospitality, catering, and services. Despite an unemployment rate of around 8.6% in 2021, the city continues to expand, particularly in the technological and cultural sectors. First Round Agency, by collaborating with key partners such as the Desjardins Complex and the Bell Centre, plays a crucial role in directing talents towards rewarding employment opportunities, actively contributing to the dynamics of Montreal’s job market.

The Key Role of Our Staffing Agency in MONTREAL

In the vibrant metropolis of Montreal, our employement agency asserts itself as an essential partner for companies in search of unique talent. Thanks to our in-depth local expertise and personalized approach, we succeed in effectively connecting Montreal businesses with exceptional candidates. Aware of the diversity and dynamic evolution of Montreal’s job market, we commit to offering tailored recruitment process and strategies suited to the specific needs of each company, from innovative startups to large established organizations.

Since 2019, First Round Agency in Montreal, standing out among various agency types, specializes in quality recruitment services, covering various sectors and job levels. With an extensive network of talents, we offer quick and efficient placements, including immediate replacements to meet urgent needs. Our recruitment agency in Montreal uses an innovative approach in human resources and payroll management, and our presence in cities such as Laval, Longueuil, and Brossard, makes us a preferred choice for companies throughout the region.

What We’re Known For

  • Quick employment staffing solutions
  • Emergency staff replacements
  • Massive talent pool, ready-to-work
  • Cutting-edge HR and payroll management

Let’s take the hassle out of hiring!

Trust us to deliver reliable, specialized staff for your events and services. Save time, energy and money with First Round Agency – we’ve got recruitment covered.

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Why Are We Ranked Among the Best Placement Agencies in MONTREAL? Discover the Reasons!

As a staffing agency in Montreal, First Round Agency stands out as one of the best in the city, known for our personalized approach and expertise. We will explore why so many companies and candidates choose us as their preferred recruitment partner in this dynamic metropolis.

Fast Turnaround Temp Agency

A Temporary agency (also known as temp agency) is know for finding temporary staff, as the name suggests. Also capable of providing permenant roles, a temp agency will remove the burden of having to find, manage, and pay salaries to employees.

recruitment Mastery

As a staffing agency in Montreal, we excel in event coordination, thereby lightening your workload in planning and execution, and allowing you to focus on your activities. We recognize the crucial importance of creating memorable moments that strengthen relationships and catalyze the development of your business.

Food and Beverage Industry recruitment

We will take charge of finding local staff in Montreal as we are committed to enhancing your management tactics in the Montreal culinary and beverage sector. Our expert and reliable team strives to identify exceptional talents to propel your activities. We aim to transform a simple meal into an unforgettable experience for your clients, focusing on key positions such as restaurant manager, sommelier, head chef, and director of food services.

Mobile Bar Rental Staff

As a staffing agency in Montreal, we offer creative solutions for your events, including mobile bar services. We orchestrate every element, from setup to breakdown, leaving you free to pamper your guests. Our sophisticated and well-stocked mobile bars bring a unique sophistication to every occasion

Employment Payroll Management

Our staffing agency in Montreal streamlines your hiring process, including payroll management. Using cutting-edge financial tools, we refine your payment protocols to ensure accurate and timely transactions, whether it’s salaries, bonuses, or other forms of compensation. Impeccable payroll management promotes financial stability, consolidates relationships with employees, and fosters a serene work environment, which translates into more harmonious and efficient teams.

Personalized Staffing Agency in Montreal

We are your recruitment agency in Montreal and your dedicated advisors for finding the ideal candidate for your organization. We immerse ourselves in the culture of your company and tailor our recruitment services to your specific needs. Instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all strategy, we prioritize candidates who not only meet the job criteria but also integrate seamlessly into your work environment. Customized recruitment is essential to ensure an ideal cultural fit, boost productivity, save resources, retain talent, and enhance your reputation as an employer.

Stadium Personnel – Hiring Agency in Montreal

As an employment agency in Montreal, we specialize in mobilizing qualified and dedicated staff for stadiums. We understand the unique challenges of recruiting for stadium events, from security to excellence in customer service. Whether it’s a one-time event or a full series, we are ready to meet your needs. Our stadium event staff stand out for their rigorous training, commitment to quality service, and adaptability to various situations, ensuring an exceptional experience for participants