As a professional staffing agency in Saint-Jérôme, First Round Agency is the keystone for companies looking for talent in a city in full economic and cultural swing. In the heart of Quebec, just a few kilometers from Montreal, Saint-Jérôme is the scene of significant growth, with the agency playing a leading role in the development of the local community, with its 75,000 inhabitants.

Saint-Jérôme, with its inviting atmosphere that attracts families and professionals alike, is distinguished as much by its natural setting and cultural initiatives as by its dynamic job market, boasting an unemployment rate of 5.7% in 2021. This economic landscape is stimulated by the First Round Agency, a key partner for local companies in their search for qualified personnel. The town, famous for its green spaces such as the Parc-Nature du Lac Jérôme and its rich heritage including the Cathédrale de Saint-Jérôme, is also a hub of innovation, home to renowned academic institutions and cutting-edge research centers.

Our Role as a Staffing Agency in Saint-Jérôme

In Saint-Jérôme, a dynamic and growing city, First Round Agency stands out as a strategic partner for companies looking for exceptional talent. With in-depth local expertise and the ability to adapt to all sectors, as a staffing agency in Saint-Jérôme, we are committed to creating a perfect match between companies’ aspirations and candidates’ skills since 2019.

Whether you’re an emerging start-up or an established company, our agency is determined to support you effectively in your recruitment process. Our diversity of services and our pool of qualified talent enable us to respond quickly and accurately to urgent staffing needs, while offering strategic human resources and payroll management. Going beyond Saint-Jérôme’s borders, we are extending our expertise to vital economic zones such as Montreal and Laval, consolidating our position as the ideal partner for optimizing the human resources of companies in the region.

What We’re Known For

  • Quick recruitment solutions
  • Emergency staff replacements
  • Massive talent pool, ready-to-work
  • Cutting-edge HR and payroll management

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Staffing Agency in Saint-Jérôme

Find out why many consider us one of the best staffing agencies in Saint-Jérôme

Discover the full range of services offered by our staffing agency in Saint-Jérôme, designed to meet the precise requirements of the local job market. Our personalized approach and in-depth expertise enable us to help you find and integrate the best talent, ensuring your company’s success in an ever-changing economic environment. At First Round, we are committed to creating sustainable partnerships that benefit all stakeholders.

Recruitment Services in Saint-Jérôme

As a recruitment agency in Saint-Jérôme, we design customized staffing strategies for companies of all sizes and industries. We oversee the prospecting and validation of candidates, freeing up your time to focus on the core business of your company. Our aim is to place individuals who complement your company’s culture and who are key players in its development and growth.

Recruitment for the Culinary Sector

In Saint-Jérôme, our expert and committed team, operating within an efficient staffing agency in Saint-Jérôme, is dedicated to fine-tuning your personnel management in the culinary and beverage fields. We’re committed to finding the right talent to power your operations, and we strive to make every meal an unforgettable experience for your customers, valuing essential positions such as restaurant manager, wine consultant, chef and food service manager.

Mobile Bar Services

As a trusted employement agency in Saint-Jérôme, we offer creative options for your events, including the provision of mobile bars. We orchestrate every aspect, from arrival to dismantling, allowing you to enjoy your event to the full. Our sophisticated, perfectly appointed mobile bars bring unique sophistication to every occasion.

Payroll Administration

As the hiring agency in Saint-Jérôme, we streamline your recruitment process, including payroll management. By employing state-of-the-art financial solutions, we fine-tune your payroll processes to ensure reliable and accurate payments, whether for wages, bonuses or other forms of compensation. Impeccable payroll administration promotes financial stability, strengthens employee relations and creates a serene working climate, leading to more fulfilled, high-performance teams.

Recruiting at Tailor-Made in Saint-Jérôme

As a staffing agency in Saint-Jérôme, we are your faithful allies in finding the perfect candidate for your company. We immerse ourselves in your corporate culture and calibrate our best-in-class employment agency services to meet your unique needs. Rather than adopting a standard approach, we select candidates who, beyond the job’s criteria, fit naturally into your team. Tailored placement is vital to ensure an ideal cultural fit, boost productivity, save resources, retain talent and enhance your reputation as an employer.

Event staff for Scènes à Saint-Jérôme

As a staffing agency in Saint-Jérôme, we’re masters at recruiting qualified, hard-working event staff. We understand the special challenges of recruiting for stage events, from safety to outstanding customer service. Whether it’s a single performance or a series of events, we’re equipped to meet your needs. Our event staff is characterized by rigorous training, commitment to impeccable service and flexibility in a variety of situations, guaranteeing a memorable experience for spectators.