Agence First Round, an employment agency in Blainville, plays a crucial role in the economic development of this prosperous city near Montreal. Blainville, with its population of nearly 56,000, has established itself as a major center of activity in Quebec, offering fertile ground for businesses and professionals. This constantly evolving city is not only a privileged place to live for families, but also a crossroads of opportunities for talented people seeking rewarding professional challenges.

Agence First Round, as an employment agency in Blainville, actively contributes to the dynamism of the local job market. With an unemployment rate of around 5.4% in 2021, Blainville is demonstrating its economic potential and its ability to attract businesses from a variety of sectors. The agency plays a pivotal role in connecting these companies with qualified professionals, fostering business growth and professional fulfillment. Through its actions, our agency not only meets the recruitment needs of companies, but also contributes to the cultural and social development of this city, promoting diversity and innovation within the community.

Our MISSION as a Placement Agency in Blainville

In Blainville, a fast-growing city, our agency is the preferred partner for companies looking for skilled employees. Since 2019, our tailored approach and perfect knowledge of the local economic fabric have enabled us to match the needs of companies, whether they are in the start-up phase or firmly established, with high-potential candidates.

We offer flexible and precise recruitment strategies, adapted to the region’s many sectors of activity. Our pool of qualified candidates ensures a rapid and efficient response to recruitment requirements, strengthening the competitiveness and growth of companies in this city. With innovative human resources and payroll management, we simplify and optimize these processes for our customers. Agence First Round, recognized among competent agencies for its scope of action in Blainville and the surrounding area, including Montreal, is the ideal solution for all your recruitment needs.

What makes us famous

  • Ultra-fast staffing strategies
  • Staff replacements in reactive mode
  • Extensive portfolio of ready-to-use talent
  • Payroll and HR supervision at the cutting edge of innovation

Looking for an obstacle-free route to employment?

Entrust this mission to Agence First Round. Our qualified team is ready to get to work for you. Make the decision and we’ll take care of the rest.

Staffing Agency in Blainville

Find out why many consider us one of the best staffing agencies in Blainville.

Our placement agency in Blainville offers tailor-made solutions to connect companies with ideal talent. Our services cover the entire recruitment process with expertise and a personalized approach, ensuring successful matches for employers and candidates.

Recruitment Services in Blainville

As a recruitment agency in Blainville, we develop customized staffing plans for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. We take care of the search and validation of candidates, leaving you free to focus on the crucial aspects of your business. Our mission is to recruit professionals who fit in perfectly with your company’s culture and play a key role in its development and prosperity.

Recruitment for the Gastronomy Sector

At Blainville, we’re dedicated to perfecting your personnel management in the food and beverage sector. Our dedicated and skilled team is committed to identifying the right talent to boost your operations. We aim to turn every meal into an exceptional experience for your customers, valuing positions such as floor manager, wine expert, chef de cuisine and foodservice manager.

Event Bar Service

As a trusted recruitment partner in Blainville, we offer original solutions for your events, such as event bar services. We coordinate every detail, from installation to dismantling, allowing you to enjoy your event without a care in the world. Our perfectly stocked, refined event bars lend a special elegance to every occasion.

Payroll Management

As a leading recruitment company in Blainville, we make your recruitment process easier, including payroll. Using modern financial solutions, we fine-tune your payroll processes to ensure timely and accurate payments, whether for wages, bonuses or other forms of remuneration. Impeccable payroll management supports financial stability, cements employee relations and cultivates a harmonious working environment, leading to happier, more efficient teams.

Tailor-made recruitment in Blainville

We are your committed partners in finding the perfect candidate for your company. We immerse ourselves in your corporate culture and tailor our recruitment services to meet your distinct needs. Instead of a generic approach, we select candidates who not only meet the job requirements, but also fit in perfectly with your team. Tailor-made recruitment is crucial to ensuring an ideal cultural fit, boosting productivity, preserving resources, retaining talent and fortifying your image as an employer.

Stage Crew for Events in Blainville

As a recruitment agency in Blainville, we are experts in selecting qualified and dedicated stage personnel. We understand the unique challenges of recruiting for live events, from security to impeccable customer service. Whether it’s a single event or a complete series, we’re equipped to meet your needs. Our stage personnel are distinguished by their extensive training, their commitment to quality service and their ability to adapt to a variety of situations, ensuring a remarkable experience for spectators.