First Round Agency, a staffing agency in Longueuil, is the driving force behind development in this fast-growing city. Located near Montreal, Longueuil is a mosaic of opportunities, rich in cultural diversity and economic dynamism.

In the heart of Longueuil, First Round Agency stands out for its essential role in bringing together local companies and qualified professionals. The city, prized for its quality of life, peaceful parks and historic heritage, is also booming professionally, with a vigorous job market where the unemployment rate was only 6.8% in 2021.

This city, which combines green spaces and innovation, is a fertile breeding ground for educational institutions and research centers, sectors that the First Round Agency supports by providing talent capable of contributing to its influence.

Our role as a staffing agency in LONGUEUIL

Since 2019, First Round Agency has established itself as an indispensable strategic ally in the economic fabric of Longueuil, offering customized and innovative recruitment services to meet the diverse requirements of companies in this booming city. Our staffing agency in Longueuil understands the specific needs of every business, whether it’s a start-up looking for a strong team or a well-established company looking to expand its workforce. We promise to efficiently match Longueuil companies with highly qualified candidates, while ensuring rapid placement to fill vacancies in a reactive manner.

Extending our operations beyond Longueuil, we also serve adjacent areas such as Montreal, Laval, and others, testifying to our ability to meet staffing needs across a broad geographical spectrum. By choosing First Round Agency, companies find a recruitment partner who not only understands, but also anticipates the unique needs of each client in the Longueuil job market and beyond.

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What We’re Known For

  • Quick recruitment solutions
  • Emergency staff replacements
  • Massive talent pool, ready-to-work
  • Cutting-edge HR and payroll management
Staffing agency in Longueuil

Find out why many consider us to be one of the best staffing agencies in Longueuil.

At First Round, your staffing agency in Longueuil, where the advantages of an employment agency are immediately palpable. We specialize in providing demonstrated recruitment solutions, precisely tailored to the needs of local and regional businesses. Our services offer the benefits of seamless integration and strategic partnership, designed to facilitate the hiring process and ensure a perfect match between companies and candidates. Find out how we can help you optimize your human potential and propel your business forward.

Recruitment Services in Longueuil

As an employment agency in Longueuil, we deploy customized staffing strategies tailored to the unique needs of the city’s businesses. We expertly manage the search and pre-selection of candidates, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on the crucial facets of your business. Our mission is to find staff in Longueuil who fit naturally into your corporate culture and who will become essential pillars of your growth and success.

Recruitment for the Culinary Industry

First Round Agency, our staffing agency in Longueuil, specializes in optimizing your personnel management in the food and beverage sector. With an expert and dedicated team, we are committed to selecting the ideal talent to energize your operations. Our goal is to enrich your customers’ culinary experience, by placing qualified professionals in key roles such as restaurant manager, sommelier, chef and food service manager.

Mobile Bar Service

As a local staff in Longueuil, we’re proud to offer innovative and comprehensive solutions for organizing your events, including services such as mobile bar rentals. We take care of everything, from delivery to installation, right through to dismantling, ensuring a hassle-free experience so you can make the most of your event. Our elegant, fully-equipped mobile bars are designed to enhance the prestige of your receptions, adding an undeniable touch of sophistication and functionality. With our placement agency in Longueuil, every detail is taken into account to make your event memorable and distinctive.

Payroll Administration

As the reference for placement in Longueuil, our local staff simplifies your compensation management. We use advanced financial technologies to fine-tune your payroll processes, ensuring accurate and timely payments. Optimized payroll management not only promotes better cash flow, but also strong employee relations, contributing to a balanced work environment and more motivated, high-performance teams.

Customized Recruitment in Longueuil

We are your allies in the search and candidate selection for your company, tailoring our services to meet your unique needs. By immersing ourselves in your company’s culture, we take a tailored approach, focusing on candidates who align with your team well beyond technical skills. With our expertise as a placement agency in Longueuil, recruitment becomes a strategic asset to ensure a perfect cultural fit, boost productivity, save time and resources, retain talent and enhance your employer image.

Stadium Staff for Events in Longueuil

As a staffing agency in Longueuil, we specialize in the selection of qualified and dedicated stadium personnel. We understand the particular challenges of recruiting for stadium events, from safety to customer service excellence. Whether it’s a one-off event or an entire season, we respond to your requests with precision. Our stadium staff is characterized by rigorous training, a commitment to impeccable service and the ability to adapt to a variety of situations, ensuring a memorable experience for spectators.