First Round Agency, as a staffing agency in Terrebonne, is the crossroads where talent and companies meet in this booming city. Located near Montreal, Terrebonne boasts cultural diversity and a growing economy. With a population approaching 115,000, this city is a key player in Quebec, both in terms of professional opportunities and community vitality.

Terrebonne, a booming city close to Montreal, has become a preferred choice for families, professionals and tourists alike, thanks to its captivating parks such as Parc de la Rivière and its preserved historical heritage, including Vieux-Terrebonne and Maison Bélisle. With an unemployment rate of 6.3% in 2021 and a commitment to innovation through its educational institutions and research centers, this city offers an expanding job market. In this context, First Round Agency is proving indispensable in aligning the needs of local businesses with qualified talent, thereby stimulating the city’s economy and development.

Our Contribution as a Staffing Agency in Terrebonne

Since its establishment in Terrebonne in 2019, First Round Agency has established itself as a partner of choice for local businesses, specializing in the placement of skilled labor. It offers a personalized approach to meet the precise needs and objectives of each company, whether it’s a start-up or a well-established enterprise.

With an extensive network of candidates and expertise in creating adaptive staffing strategies, First Round Agency, as a staffing agency in Terrebonne, guarantees efficient job filling and provides fast, reliable staff replacement services. It stands out for its innovative management of human resources and payroll services, enabling companies in Terrebonne and neighbouring regions such as Montreal, Laval and Brossard to maximize their time and resources.

What We’re Known For

  • Quick recruitment solutions
  • Emergency staff replacements
  • Massive talent pool, ready-to-work
  • Cutting-edge HR and payroll management

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Staffing Agency in Terrebonne

Learn Why Many Rank Us Among the Best STAFFING Agencies in Terrebonne

As competition for the best talent intensifies, the benefits of staffing agencies are becoming increasingly apparent to companies and job seekers alike. It’s against this backdrop that our employement agency in Terrebonne stands out, offering unrivalled expertise and service that place us among the market leaders.

Recruiting Services in Terrebonne

As a recruitment agency in Terrebonne, we develop customized staffing plans for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. We orchestrate the search and qualification of candidates, leaving you to focus on your company’s priorities. Our mission is to discover the talent that embodies your company’s culture and is a pillar of your expansion and prosperity.

Recruitment for the Gastronomy Sector

At Terrebonne, we’re dedicated to improving your personnel management in the food and beverage industry. Our dedicated, skilled and trusted local staff in Terrebonne is committed to recruiting the right talent to boost your operations. We strive to turn every meal into a remarkable experience for your customers, valuing vital positions such as restaurant manager, wine expert, chef and food service manager.

Mobile Bar service

As a staffing agency in Terrebonne, we offer innovative options for your events, including mobile bar services. We coordinate every step, from installation to dismantling, so you can enjoy your event. Our refined, perfectly appointed mobile bars lend a distinctive elegance to every occasion.

Payroll Management

As Terrebonne’s leading recruitment agency, we streamline your recruitment process, including compensation management. Using modern financial solutions, we fine-tune your payroll processes to ensure accurate and timely transactions, whether for wages, bonuses or other forms of compensation. Effective payroll management stabilizes cash flow, consolidates employee relations and creates a pleasant working climate, leading to more harmonious and productive teams.

Customized Recruitment in Terrebonne

We are your privileged partners in finding the perfect candidate for your company. Our staffing agency in Terrebonne immerse itself in your corporate culture and tailor our recruitment services to meet your distinct needs. Instead of a generic approach, we select candidates who, in addition to having the required professional skills, will fit naturally into your team. Tailor-made recruitment is crucial to ensuring an ideal cultural fit, boosting productivity, preserving resources, retaining talent and promoting your image as an employer of choice.

Staff at Stade pour Événements in Terrebonne

As an employment agency in Terrebonne, we are experts in placing qualified and committed stadium personnel. We understand the unique challenges of stadium event placement, from security to exceptional customer service. Whether your needs concern a single event or a complete series, we are equipped to meet your expectations. Our stadium personnel stand out for their comprehensive training, commitment to quality service and flexibility in a variety of situations, ensuring an exceptional spectator experience.