As an employment agency in Laval, First Round Agency is at the heart of this booming city’s economic dynamism. Our mission is to connect local companies with exceptional talent, capitalizing on the vibrancy and diversity of this opportunity-rich city. Located near Montreal and home to some 430,000 people, Laval is distinguished by its rapid growth and vibrant culture, offering fertile ground for companies and professionals looking for new career opportunities.

With its lush green parks, inviting shopping centers and dynamic cultural offering, this city appeals to families, professionals and tourists alike. In 2019, Laval saw a growing number of visitors come to discover its many attractions. In this dynamic context, employment agencies play a crucial role in connecting local companies with talent that reflects the vitality and diversity of the city.

Faced with an unemployment rate of 7.5% in 2021, First Round Agency’s contribution as an staffing agency in Laval is crucial to boosting the city’s job market. Our expertise in personnel placement is proving to be a strategic lever for local economic prosperity. We are committed to deploying our resources and expertise to connect talent with business, catalyzing professional development in the region.

Our Role as a Staffing Agency in Laval

Since 2019, First Round Agency has established itself as a key player in recruitment in Laval, offering customized solutions that precisely meet the needs of the dynamic local market. With expertise spanning all sectors and the ability to adapt to a variety of positions, we anticipate the requirements of companies, from start-ups to long-established establishments, and ensure operational continuity thanks to our pool of qualified, responsive candidates. Our regional reach, from Montreal to Mirabel, makes us a strategic ally in the development of companies in Laval and beyond, seeking to optimize their human capital for a prosperous future.

What We’re Known For

  • Quick recruitment solutions
  • Emergency staff replacements
  • Massive talent pool, ready-to-work
  • Cutting-edge HR and payroll management

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Staffing Agency in Laval

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Recruitment Services in Laval

As a staffing agency in Laval, we offer turnkey staffing solutions for companies in all sectors. We manage the selection of candidates and the organization of interviews, allowing you to concentrate on your business. We are committed to identifying talent that aligns with your company’s culture and actively contributes to its success and growth.

Recruitment for the Food Industry

We are dedicated to optimizing your management efforts in the food and beverage industry in Laval. Our specialized team is efficient and reliable, committed to finding the perfect talent to ensure the success of your operations. We aim to turn a simple meal into a memorable experience for your customers, featuring key roles such as restaurant manager, sommelier, executive chef and food and beverage director.

Mobile Bar Rental

As a staffing agency in Laval, we provide you with cutting-edge solutions to enhance your events, including mobile bar hire, a specialty of the local staff. We take care of every aspect, from delivery to dismantling, ensuring a worry-free experience that lets you devote yourself entirely to welcoming your guests. With our sleek, fully-equipped mobile bars, we bring a distinctive touch of elegance to every occasion, reflecting the excellence and professionalism you’ve come to expect from the best placement agency in Laval.

Payroll management

As a local staff in Laval, we simplify your recruitment process, including payment management. Using advanced financial technologies, we optimize your payment processes to ensure timely and accurate transactions, whether for salaries, bonuses or other remunerations. A well-managed payment system improves cash flow, strengthens employee relations and fosters a positive working environment, leading to more productive and satisfied teams.

personalized recruitment in laval

As a staffing agency in Laval, we are your dedicated partners in identifying the ideal candidate for your organization. We invest in understanding your corporate culture and tailor our investment services to your specific needs. We focus on a tailored selection of candidates who not only meet the requirements of the position, but also fit harmoniously into your team, ensuring an optimal cultural fit and reinforcing your employer brand.

stadium personnel for events in laval

As an employment agency in Laval, we excel in providing competent and reliable stadium personnel. We understand the specific challenges of stadium event placement, from security to customer service excellence. Whether your needs are for a single event or an entire season, we’re ready to meet your requirements. Our stadium staff are distinguished by their extensive training, dedication to impeccable employement agency services and adaptability to a variety of situations, guaranteeing an exceptional experience for spectators.