As the region’s leading talent catalyst, First Round Agency stands out as a leading staffing agency in Repentigny, actively contributing to the local employment dynamic. This thriving Quebec city, close to Montreal, is not only a melting pot of cultural diversity, but also fertile ground for companies looking for qualified personnel.

Repentigny, an ideal haven for families, professionals and tourists, offers an exceptional living environment, combining natural landscapes and cultural vitality. First Round Agency plays a pivotal role, injecting this vitality into a booming job market, in perfect symbiosis with the city’s competitive unemployment rate. As a staffing agency in Repentigny, we play a key role in economic development, bringing together skills and opportunities to build the teams of tomorrow. The city also boasts a rich heritage and captivating landscapes, while being a hub of innovation where education and research converge to prepare for the future.

As one of the best agency types, First Round Agency crystallizes the essence of this city, acting as the link between economic dynamism and professional fulfillment. It embodies the city’s ambition to innovate and prosper, while promoting its rich heritage and attractive living environment. Committed to local prosperity, the agency is the engine that propels both careers and the community to new horizons.

Our role as a staffing agency in Repentigny

In Repentigny, a fast-growing city, First Round Agency has established itself as a trusted strategic partner for companies seeking qualified workers. Since 2019, our agency has been adapting its recruitment strategies to precisely meet the needs of local businesses, both emerging and established, successfully connecting companies and ideal candidates.

Our staffing agency in Repentigny offers a full range of employment agency services, ensuring responsive and optimal human resources management adapted to the dynamic economy of Repentigny and Quebec. More than just an agency, Agence First Round is an engine for optimizing your human capital, committed to supporting the growth and ambitions of companies in the region, guaranteeing a lasting collaboration for a prosperous professional future.

What We’re Known For

  • Quick recruitment solutions
  • Emergency staff replacements
  • Massive talent pool, ready-to-work
  • Cutting-edge HR and payroll management
Staffing Agency in Repentigny

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Find out why many consider us one of the best staffing agencies in Repentigny.

At First Round, our staffing agency in Repentigny excels in the process to find staff and distinguishes itself with a range of services designed specifically to meet the unique challenges of recruitment. We’re dedicated to creating a perfect match between companies and talent in the job market. Our range of services, from strategic recruitment to payroll management and event bar services, guarantees expert, adaptable management of every placement assignment.

Recruitment Services in Repentigny

As a staffing agency in Repentigny, we develop customized staffing plans for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. We take care of the search and validation of candidates, allowing you to concentrate on your company’s priorities. Our mission is to find professionals who fit in perfectly with your company’s culture and who play a decisive role in its development and prosperity.

Recruitment for the Gastronomy Sector

Our employement agency in Repentigny specializes in transforming your personnel management, particularly in the food and beverage sector. With a skilled and dedicated team, we’re committed to recruiting the right talent to energize your culinary operations. Our aim is to make every meal a memorable experience for your customers, by filling key roles such as restaurant manager, sommelier, chef de cuisine and food and beverage service manager.

Event Bar Service

As a trusted recruitment partner in Repentigny, we offer original solutions for your events, including event bar services. We coordinate every detail, from installation to dismantling, allowing you to enjoy your event. Our refined, fully-equipped event bars breathe a distinctive elegance into every occasion.

Payroll Management

As a local staff in Repentigny, we streamline your recruitment process, including compensation management. Using modern financial solutions, we fine-tune your payroll processes to ensure accurate and timely payments, whether for wages, bonuses or other forms of compensation. Impeccable payroll management improves liquidity, strengthens employee relations and cultivates a harmonious working environment, leading to happier, more efficient teams.

Customized Recruitment in Repentigny

We are your privileged partners in finding the perfect candidate for your company. We immerse ourselves in your corporate culture and tailor our recruitment services to meet your distinct needs. Instead of a generic approach, we select candidates who not only meet the job’s criteria, but also fit in naturally with your team. Tailor-made recruitment is crucial to ensuring an ideal cultural fit, boosting productivity, preserving resources, retaining talent and enhancing your image as an employer.

Scenic Personnel for Events in Repentigny

As a recruitment agency in Repentigny, we are experts in recruiting qualified and determined stage personnel. We understand the unique challenges of recruiting for live events, from safety to customer service. Whether it’s a single event or a complete series, we’re ready to meet your expectations. Our stage personnel are distinguished by their extensive training, their commitment to quality service and their ability to adapt to a variety of situations, ensuring a remarkable experience for spectators.