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Working with a placement agency can allow an employer to access a wide range of qualified candidates, save time on the recruitment process, and benefit from the agency’s expertise in selecting and evaluating candidates.

Placement agencies have rigorous processes to assess candidates’ skills, experience, and cultural fit. They take into account your specific needs and can perform background checks, qualifications verification, and in some cases, personality assessments.

The costs can vary based on the type and level of the position you are looking to fill. Generally, the agency charges a percentage of the successful candidate’s first-year salary.

Yes, many placement agencies specialize in certain sectors and have access to a pool of candidates with specific skills and qualifications. They can help fill roles ranging from entry-level positions to executive ones.

Placement agencies typically have a database of prescreened candidates ready for work. They can expedite the hiring process, allowing you to fill a position much faster than if you were to conduct the hiring process yourself.

Most placement agencies offer a guarantee period for their placements. If a candidate leaves or is dismissed during this period, the agency will typically provide a replacement at no additional cost.

Candidate Related Questions

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A placement agency can help you find a variety of jobs, whether temporary, contractual, or permanent, in various sectors such as technology, administration, health, and more.

A placement agency has an in-depth knowledge of the job market and can guide you towards job offers that suit your profile. It can also assist you in preparing your application and support you in your administrative procedures.

Generally, there is no cost for candidates who use the services of a placement agency. The fees are typically covered by the employer hiring.

Placement agencies are governed by strict laws regarding confidentiality and data protection. Your information will be kept secure and will only be shared with your consent.

Once you accept an offer, the agency will guide you through the onboarding process and answer any questions you have. Afterwards, your employer will generally be your main point of contact.

Placement agencies offer a range of full-time, part-time, temporary, and permanent jobs. The type of job will depend on the employer and the specific position.